Relaxation Station was great helping us choose the best massage chair for us. Even when it wasn't delivered in the specified time, (which was not their fault) they chased it up for us and gave us updates. The Zero Gravity A380 massage chair that we bought is amazing. It is really helping relieve those sore and tight muscles and is so relaxing that we often find ourselves falling asleep in it. I would highly recommend! GB Stace
Great compact does the job head to toe. We got it for our adult son who needs sensory input regularly to make himself calm and it works very well from the pressure applied to all his body parts. Reasonably priced for what it offers. S Uno
Best Purchase! I bought this chair for my husband who regularly suffers from lower back pain and muscle stiffness. He had been asking for a chair for years so after a bit of research I decided to go with the Medipro 2500 and Im happy with our choice. My husband uses this every night, its simple and effective and fits well with our decor. I use it too and I really like the heating in the back part, big thumbs up! Great service from Relaxation Station, fast delivery and easy to set up. Definitely recommend it!
After 3 months were very satisfied. Waited 3 months before reviewing this massage chair. It was a big purchase for us but has already saved quite a lot of money in not having to go out for so many physio and massage sessions. Both of us use the chair daily. My partner is disabled and while he can manage to get into the chair, but requires assistance in getting out as he cannot walk unaided at all. Quite often he will stay in the chair for an hour or so after the program and have a snooze as he feels totally relaxed after the massage. Failed spinal surgery has left him with various muscles not responding at all and the many & varied massage actions of the chair is helping to stimulate parts of his body. It is also offering much comfort. We both choose the varying levels of strength of the auto programs depending on how the body feels on a particular day. The machine seems very well built and gives a feeling of quality mechanically. It operates silently with only the noise from the airbags as they fill and empty. We trust we will be able to write an equally glowing review after a long period of use. Thank you Relaxation Station for a quality product at a reasonable price. Rick R
Decided to wait 3 months before reviewing the A380 chair we purchased in July 2017. Totally happy with the purchase. Two people use it every day. Depending on how we feel we decide which auto program to use of the three all over massages - the strongest one really gives a 'workout'. The chair feels strong and well made, works quietly and we trust will last for ages. Savings are mounting up with not having to go out for massages and as many physio visits. Les Whitehead
Quality of life improved. Was a bit sceptical about spending this type of money on an Internet product; however, I'm so glad we did. The massage chair has improved my day to day quality of life dramatically. At the press of a button I can monitor how hard or soft and what muscles need work. It increases blood flow ,improves circulation and helps me to rejoin my family ,preparing my body for daily activities ,helping my body recover from the day and wind down at night...Not only do I have the opportunity to use the chair regularly, but my husband and Treasures can benefit from the massage chair also. Thanks for the great customer service and swift delivery.
After searching many reviews on massage chairs and much procrastination over purchasing a massage chair over the internet, I finally bit the bullet. Relaxation Station answered all my questions and once ordered, the chair was in Palm Cove Qld inside a week. The Zero Gravity A380 massage chair meets all expectations, if not exceeds them. I should have purchased long before I actually did. I suffer from a long term back injury and get great relief from this chair, to the extent of reducing pain before bed to allow better sleep patterns. Actually, half the time the pain relief of the massage puts me to sleep in the chair. My pre purchase concern was the strength of massage the chair gave, requiring a firm massage and this chair offers levels of firmness. Firm is exactly that. My pain is radiating sciatic pain and this chair addresses that for me. Friends who have tried the chair also gave great reviews. Would I recommend this chair - yes. Would I recommend Relaxation station - yes. P Riley
"I Googled massage chairs and called Relaxation Station, they helped me choose the best massage chair for both myself and my wife. We are very happy with the massage chair and we found them to be very friendly and honest" T. Harris WA
“I bought the Medi Pro 2500 (in beige) massage chair as a surprise present for my Husband!! Best decision I ever made! There is no now need to pay for massages anymore as this chair does the whole body – with heat!!" J Roberts Melbourne
"I ordered a massage chair for my mum and dad as a Christmas present. The chair arrived on time as scheduled and the set up was so easy, we added a big red bow. Wow how impressed we all are, the best Christmas ever." K. Wilson QLD
"We now have our new relaxation chair and we are absolutely delighted with it. It was a surprise present for my husband and he was over the moon when it arrived. Thank you for your prompt service and delivery, and thankyou to the lovely lady I spoke to when ordering the chair she was very helpful" J. Jonas QLD
"Tried a Relaxation Station at Northland Shopping Centre and decided there and then I had to have one. Best thing I ever did for myself and my wife" T. Grogan VIC